Brainport Eindhoven Region, world’s smartest region

The announcement of the winner brought the annual international ICF congress ‘Building the Broadband Economy’ in New York to a close. After two previous top-7 spots, Brainport Eindhoven this time conquered all its rivals, including the finalists Dublin (VS), Windsor-Essex (Canada) and the French region Issy-les-Moulineaux. Former winners were Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo, New York and Stockholm.


Van Gijzel is, as you might expect, very pleased with the title. "We can be proud of our performance. The title gives us an enormous boost to get Brainport Eindhoven even more established on the national and international stage." Brainport Eindhoven is as a top technology regions one of the cornerstones of the Dutch economy. This title underlines the ambition of the Dutch government to be one of the world’s top five economies. Van Mierlo adds. "This award encourages the further development of the successful 'triple helix' cooperation between industry, knowledge institutions and government in our region."


Three hundred participants

Regions considered for the title ‘Intelligent Community of the Year' succeed, in the eyes of the ICF, in realising innovative, socially relevant broadband and ICT applications on a broad scale. Each year three hundred cities and regions enrol in the competition.

Jury visit

At the beginning of April the American ICF jury member Robert Bell visited the Brainport region. His enthusiasm about the developments was already very evident during his four-day visit. He was particularly impressed by what was happening at, for example, ASML and Philips Healthcare.